Sports Cards, TCGs, Non-Sport & NFTs.


Sports, Non-Sport, NFTs, Pokémon, other TCGs.. you want to have fun collecting assets you truly love. Accidental investments with tangible nostalgia & joy, and/or design, history & legacy. Collect OUR fine art for the 2020s.

For me, connecting with others and having great conversations about our shared interests is what really fuels me. It’s perhaps why I collect such a wide swath of trading cards & create digital assets, to be able to connect with most people at some level.

From vintage basketball, to modern inserts, to rare Pokemon and even iconic figures (whether Elon Musk rookies or Muhammad Ali cards). I’m also exploring the creation of blockchain-enabled digital assets in the form of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) via the Ethereum & Polygon networks and platforms like OpenSea, Venly & Rarible, among others.



Card Conversations

Nostalgia, appreciation, profit… all valid reasons to be in the hobby, and they have various weights on my collection as well. Yet, the reason I’m so glued to this obsession, are the communities we build and the conversations that come out of our shared passion for cards.

By day, I run a business and am a family man 24/7, but I do my best to share value and help wherever I can. it’s just the right thing to do and payback for all those who have helped me on my path.

Some of my Collections

Vintage Basketball

Elon Musk Rookie Card

1997 Pokemon scratch Cards

Wrestling Cards

Football cards

Vintage Football

Non-Sports Rookies

Tennis Cards

Harry Potter TCG

Noir Left-Rights (NBA)

My Video Setup

Having invested thousands in my studio and production software for my day job (a “Zoom studio” is the new 3-piece suit!), many ask how I’m able to create HD-level streams and on-screen graphics and effects on lives. It took me a few months of study to get started and to customize my setup & software.

Below are some of the tools that I currently use.

Sony A6100 Camera

A mirrorless camera that I connect via a capture card to my desktop PC and feed to Zoom, OBS or Streamyard. Requires a powered battery & HDMI cable, also.

Sigma 16mm 1.4 Lens

I upgraded my Sony kit lens to this incredible piece of glass. It allows for a richer look and blurs out the background with great bokhe effect.

Sony ZV-1 Camera

Compact. Requires a capture card, but the battery works great for streaming. I use this in studio for my 2nd camera, or for on the go IRL streaming or shooting.

Elgato Camlinks

I’ve messed with the cheap capture cards, but they flaked out so many times that I paid up for the top brand. These Camlinks allow you to plug cameras into USB ports.

Logitech Webcam

My C920, when configured right, can be a solid option. Flicker and color balance aren’t great, but as a 3rd camera in studio, it works just fine!

Zoom H6 Recorder

Works as both mixer & backup recorder for my Shure SM7B mic. I can connect my extra Audio Technica mics to for multi-guest podcasts & record separate channels.

Elgato Stream Deck

An amazing control panel for your PC or stream. Program and hit buttons to trigger different scenes, soundboard sounds, actions or macros.

Shure SM7B Microphone

The ultimate mic for streamers & podcasters, as used by Bill Simmons, Joe Rogan, Marc Maron & more. I mount it on a RODE boom arm for ease of use in studio.

Neewer Light System

Pretty inexpensive, but solid 3-pt LED lighting system. I also use a ring light, a hair light , LEDs, a light box and green screen. Also, Bluetooth earbuds for phone/PC.

Used Dell Servers

In addition to AWS ECS servers, we use Dell PowerEdge R730 Servers to run our database processes on.

Windows-based x86 Used Servers from Alta Technologies.

Used Cisco Equipment

Our internal networking switches and routers are mostly Cisco equipment, with some refurbished Arista devices as well to provide a steady stream..

Third Party Maintenance

Equipment is maintained by various TPM services, which I keep up with by listening to TPM Talk, the podcast serving the Third Party Maintenance world for IT

Selling Your Card Collection? 

I am always buying lots and cards.  Contact me with photos & details!