Harry Potter TCG Cards

Did you know that Wizards of the Coast had a foot in the Wizarding World? Yep, the famous distributor of Pokémon cards launched a Harry Potter TCG back in 2001 with INCREDIBLE cards.

The Harry Potter Trading Card Game (#HPTCG) features 5 different releases across 2001 & 2002 (a Base set and 4 expansions) as well as WOTC CCG cards from the movies. The cards are hand drawn by artists and people even continue to play and create custom cards!! 

Harry Potter TCG

Sealed Product from Harry Potter TCG

There are Booster Boxes, Blister Packs, Starter Decks & Sealed Individual Packs of these five different sets.

Base Set

The original set, the art is the absolute best of the entire series, imo.

Quidditch Cup (QC)

Another set with incredible box art, this is the first expansion set.

Adventures at Hogwarts

The 3rd set in the Harry Potter TCG.

Diagon Alley

The 4th set in the Harry Potter TCG.

Chamber of Secrets (CoS)

The last set. Horrible box art but has some great cards. Some are overrated like the Dobby cards imo.

Selling Harry Potter TCG Cards?

I am always buying collections, cards and sealed packs or boxes of the Harry Potter TCG. If you have any for sale, especially Unicorns or sealed Base Boxes, please get in touch. Send photos and a brief description to me via email by clicking the button below!

Harry Potter Promos

To commemorate events or releases, Harry Potter has special “Promo” cards which are stamped with “launch” or “promo” on it. The Meeting Fluffy promo is probably my favorite, but the Wingardium Leviosa is one from the Japanese launch (an exclusive inserted in CoroCoro comics) with AMAZING art. Unusual Pets is another of my faves and relatively affordable.

There is a very limited but controversial promo (or possible error card) named “Devil’s Snare” which I have decided to avoid, because it may not have been an official release. Read more here.

What's the Charizard of Harry Potter?

Let’s start with what “The Charizard” means. The key chase card from the OG set rings most true to me, although of course Zard is found in multiple sets. A mythical creature, and the most expensive card from that set with some degree of rarity.

In this case the answer is obviously the “Unicorn” from Harry Potter TCG. Card #20 out of 116, there is no other card more coveted than it in Base set. Even Harry Potter (which I might compare to Pikachu) seems to go for less at this time. Unicorn is also relatively rare, as OGs have stated it may be found in as few as between 1 in every 2.5-4 boxes.


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