Kaboomski NFT header7723 Kaboomski NFTs representing collectors of NFTs & Sports Cards.


Forged in hype, Kaboomskis are randomly generated from over 2000 unique design elements, meant to be combined in ways to appreciate, parody & meme the collecting experience. For collectors, by collectors and of collectors.


So, HEY – we’re still accepting contributions, and you’ll be eligible to receive a free pack of 10 of the first Kaboomski NFTs, and more!


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Who are Kaboomskis?

They’re us! These NFTs represent collectors and investors of NFTs & Trading Cards. Climbing the ladder, chasing grails, avoiding rug pulls, finding community… and loving every minute of it.

We don’t know if they’re PFPs, or memes, or a little of both… that’s up to you, but they might just end up as IRL trading cards one day.

Kaboomskis wear their favorite fits, numbers & team colors and often cosplay as their icons.

As for the project, it will be comprised of up to 3 major stages, with the aim of ultimately producing physical trading cards that both celebrate & parody the collecting experience, at each step of the project!



 The project is produced by me, @YamWax – who created almost 2000 design elements, along with the code.

The base form of Kaboomski was granted use by @Chris_HOJ, whose stick figure drawing and critique of the hype around both NFTs & card brands, on The Crossover, inspired this project.

As a product of collectors, you KNOW we’ll be offering rare numbered parallels and inserts within the “print run” including Gold #/10 parallels for each category.

Finally, hundreds of “Sport Art” design elements are contributed by the community itself – basketball, football & baseball designs, tennis rackets, hockey sticks and more!

Phase 1 : Kick Start


These are the underground Kaboomskis. Equivalent to test print Pokémon cards, pre-86 MJs, MetaZoo Kickstarter packs, or perforated XRCs of The Rock. This stage is the 7723 NFTs for the OGs.

By aping in, you’ll get to say you were in early, contributed to the project, and/or provided the feedback to make it even better… all while collecting our crazy memes / PFPs & setting yourself up for further benefit.

More than half baked, but not quite finished, it’s going to be fun to get involved and watch the project evolve from here.

Distributed in packs of 10, we hope to give away up to half our Kaboomski NFTs to our SportArt contributors, with the remainder being sold via live pack breaks. Pre-minted on a Layer2 protocol, there will be incentives to HODL & trade our Phase1 NFTs (to earn free mints towards Phase 2 on ETH)!


Kaboomski NFTs

Phase 3 : Trading Cards (IRL)


The dream is to print a set of physical cards! We want to curate a set of the best of the Kaboomski NFTs to be printed, like for real for real.

If phase 2 is a success, we’ll work with the community to choose our favorite Kaboomski creations. Those cards will be printed and offered either in packs, singles, or as a complete set of trading cards, with perks for phase 1 & 2 HODLers.

The trading cards will be fully licensed (by us) and our creators, and we’ll be sure to provide checklists and full information to the  grading companies in hopes that we can slab up our once digital creations.


Phase 2 (Q1-Q2 2022)

Kaboomski minting comes to Ethereum, evolving in both art & tech.

A fresh run of 7723 NFTs will be available to be minted, with art & project updates implemented based on feedback and voting from Phase 1 holders & creators.

These are the 1st Edition Kaboomskis on Ethereum.

Pack holders from Phase 1 will be eligible to get on a whitelist to mint a free NFT (other than any gas fees), as long as their pack is visible in their OpenSea account. Pack holders from Phase 1, who still hold at least 10 NFTs, (but with at least one that is different from any NFTs they were airdropped) will be eligible to apply for a 2nd free mint on Ethereum.

We hope that gas wars have calmed down by the time we get to phase 2 and may adjust launch date based on that.

After the whitelist period for phase 1 pack holders is complete, we will then offer minting of the remaining Ethereum NFTs at an affordable price.


The Project Creator(s)



Our Community

Artists - contributors of SportArt

Coming Soon

Phase 2 Artists to evolve the Kaboomski character & traits.

The Dream

Phase 3 IRL Card Artists & Project Manager

Wen Drop? Wen IRL Cards?

It’s all about community!

Join our Discord to learn about the latest project developments, pack breaks, whitelist info, IRL card drops, and especially… to connect with other collectors.


In the YamWax Discord, we discuss sports cards, non-sport cards and NFTs, in addition to the Kaboomski project.

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