Our Community is Truly a Part of the NFT!

Submit your art (below) to have it featured in the project
AND earn a pack of Free Kaboomski NFTs.

Up to 7500 of our 7723 NFTs are reserved for up to 1200 contributors.
– Just choose one of six sport items to submit (below)!

Your art doesn’t have to be perfect.. just focus on the personal!.. Think passion over professional. Plus, we have templates!

Find all of the details below!

(Art is due by Monday, December 27th, 2021)
(or earlier, if we somehow get 1200 submissions)

Your Art Here!

I want collectors to truly feel like they are a part of this project… No art expertise required!  (Although bring that heat if ya’ got it!)

At this time, we are looking for submissions on the following items, so please choose one to contribute!

– Soccer Ball (template)
– Baseball (template)
– Basketball (template)
– Football (template)
– Hockey Stick (template)
– Tennis Racket (template)

While you’re welcome to free hand create your own “SportArt” object for this project, we provide templates, which can be downloaded to print out (or edit on your device).

Once you have a printed or saved template, you can then color, paint, draw, photoshop (or whatever you choose!) to produce your creation.

Submitting the art is as simple as taking a photo or scan of your physical art, or submitting your desktop/device design file. Designs must be submitted via our Google Form.

Don’t worry about sizing or placement, I will edit your file in Photoshop into a design layer, prepping it for the “Yam Engine“, which randomly places your art layer in & generates the NFTs!

Art is due no later than Monday, December 27th, 2021 (or earlier if we get 1200 submissions before then).


Receiving Your Free NFTs

When you submit your SportArt to our form, you will include your Metamask wallet address, so we can airdrop your NFTs & pack to you when ready.

First step is we will determine how many NFTs per pack each artist will receive. That number is 7500, divided by the total number of approved submissions, and rounded down to the nearest whole number. 223 NFTs are saved for our character creator.

The next step is we will randomize the pack numbers and airdrop your pack to you. Then we will do a random NFT assignment per pack. We’ll run the random assignments on a live stream for full transparency.

After all NFTs have been distributed, we will ‘reveal’ the entire project, with the contract switching to the IPFS image links, hosting the decentralized images of our NFT project.  What that all means is you’ll be able to see the NFTs you randomly received in your OpenSea!

Hold on to your packs & NFTs!(?)

Alongside your NFTs, you will also receive a pack in your wallet.

That pack serves as a mint pass for phase 2 of the project (on Ethereum). Holding (and making that pack visible on OpenSea) will enable you to register for our phase 2 whitelist to mint a free Ethereum NFT*, during a specific window prior to the official Phase 2 project drop.

NFT Artist POAP Drop

I’m working on getting a POAP to be made available to as many artists as possible. This may or may not happen.. stay tuned!


Trading Kaboomski NFTs

There is no guarantee you will receive your own art in your pack, nor your favorite Kaboomski NFTs, so we want to encourage trading.

There are trading groups in our Discord, but there is also an incentive to add or swap into some new Kaboomskis.

Pack holders may qualify to register for a 2nd free Ethereum Mint* spot on our whitelist, if they engage in certain trading activity and have all of their NFTs visible on OpenSea.

Stay tuned for more details!

There will be a section within our Discord focused on trade requests and offers.

Be careful during trade negotiations. Perhaps connect on two social platforms to ensure you’re not working with a scammer (say Discord AND Instagram or Twitter).

*On any Ethereum mint during Phase 2, you would be responsible for any gas fees, of course. Phase 1 of the project is on a layer 2 though, so there will be no gas fees for the airdrop recipients.