Charity Box Break of the 1997 Panini WWF Superstars!

Who will land a 1997 Panini WWF Rock rookie!?!

Zhan Mourning and I are hosting an affordable wrestling card box break fundraiser for a no-kill cage free animal shelter in Missouri which is near & dear to Zhan’s heart (his doggos come from there)! The box is donated and slots are only $25 per 2 packs. 

WHEN: Friday, April 9th at 3pm EST

WHERE: Zhan Mourning & my IGs (LIVE)
@ZhanMourning / @YamWax

HOW: DM Zhan or YamWax on IG to purchase a slot

NOTE: We’re limiting this to one slot per person to get as many involved as possible. When you look at box prices, this is a very affordable rate, so we want to make this a fun opportunity for many to hit some of these 97 Panini stickers!

I’ll be managing comments and bringing guests on live, while Zhan breaks the packs. The box contains 50 packs, so we have 25 total slots to pull.

1997 Panini WWF 411

The 1997 Panini SuperStars set has emerged on the wrestling card scene with a fervor!

For years, few in the West knew Panini made a 97 wrestling set, because it was largely distributed with sticker books in Europe, peeled and not preserved.

In late 2020, a warehouse find of a pallet of these unopened boxes was found in a Panini warehouse in Egypt. Rob England was the first to introduce them to the US market. Now the chase is on to slab the Rocks, Stone Colds, HHHs & Chyna rookies or lock the boxes away in collections.

The 1997 Panini Rock Rookie #113 is the big chase in this set and may become THE pro rookie of The Rock to collect. It’s his first “pack-pulled” product and the first professional rookie (along with the 97 Cardinal). 

There are two “variations” of the main Rock as well, the #121 “pin” rock and the #122 “flying” rock. The main Stone Cold Steve Austin in the set is the #51 card.


Pop Report

Most are grading the #113 Rocky Maivia rookie so far, but I know others who have subbed Stone Cold #51. Click here to view the pop report.

C.A.R.E. - Our Beneficiary

at the C.A.R.E. Farm Sanctuary, they are driven by our philosophy; that every life has inherent value. No matter the species.

C.A.R.E. is set on 385 acres in SW Missouri and shelters farm animals as well as dogs and cats. A no-kill, cage free facility with lots of room, love and affection for their animals.

This charitable organization is near & dear to Zhan’s heart as two wonderful members of his family were adopted from there.

Link to C.A.R.E.

Your Donation

All “net proceeds” will go to C.A.R.E. What does that mean? Well, the box is donated and our only expenses will be mailing the packs, so everything above & beyond that is donated. Any “extra” donations will go direct to C.A.R.E.

Rock #113 at Goldin Auctions

The big chase from this set is actually closing ahead of our break (on Saturday, April 3rd) in PSA 10, being sold by our good friend and legendary wrestling card collector, Rob England.

Link to the auction.


Thank you so much for your interest in our break and the cause!!