Pop Reports for the 1997 Tomy Scratch Pokemon Set

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Pop Reports for Tomy Scratch

The 1997 Tomy Scratch Set is among the scarcest collectibles in all of Pokémon.  Currently graded by PSA & BGS


PSA Pop Report

Link to PSA Population Report :

PSA started grading TOMY in early 2021. I personally sent them about 100 cards.

PSA combines both Series1 and Series2 of 1997 TOMY into one set (totaling 72 cards and 12 prisms).


TOMY Graded Status Update (November 2021):

 With a substantial number of 1997 TOMY Pokémon cards now graded by PSA, we’re seeing some trends.

  • Be ready for upcharges if you have a nice card. PSA upcharged me to $300 per card on my PSA9 Charizards and also upcharged on some of the other prisms.

      – these upcharges come after the PSA8 Tomy Charizard sale at Goldin for $8,400 in September 2021

  • A PSA9 might be the Tomy equivalent to 10s from other sets.
         – Of 243 cards, only one card has graded a 10 (a non-holo card).
  • Some of us wonder if it’s all but impossible to grade a holo/prism card any higher than PSA9. These cards are finicky with surface (of course) but also centering and edges. Add Prism surface issues and print lines on top of all of that and it’s hard to imagine a Pop9.
  • * I’ve graded 12 Charizards (10 of which were pack pulled by me) and hit five PSA9s, five PSA8s and two PSA 6s
    * I’ve graded 12 Pikachus (10 of which were pack pulled by me) and hit three PSA9s, four PSA8s and five PSA 7s

BGS Pop Report

BGS does grade 1997 TOMY cards, but have not gotten around to publishing a pop report for it yet.

Link to a Google Sheet where I’ve recorded some publicly know BGS Graded Tomy cards.


  – 17 total grades including commons.

PSA Pop Report for Tomy Scratch

PSA is now grading TOMY!


CGC Pop Reports for Tomy Scratch

CGC was believed to be grading 1997 TOMY Pokemon cards, but unfortunately recent reports state they’re not ready to grade them yet. CGC has been overwhelmed with other orders, so we hope to see this change soon!

Unofficial Pop Reports

Note that while PSA’s pop report linked above is official, the BGS pop reports are “unofficial” population reports, because CGC & BGS currently don’t summarize their graded 1997 Tomy Scratch Cards. I’ve researched many publicly listed, graded Scratch card listed on eBay, Instagram, Worthpoint, Terapeak and more. I’ve used the serial numbers from these images to find the individual grades and sub-grades on Beckett’s website. There are likely “some” more graded BGS slabs which haven’t been publicly displayed, but I doubt it’s very many at this point. There are just so few “unscratched” TOMY cards.